Gull rescued from roof

7 May 2021

This afternoon one of the many gulls that populate Aspire’s local area managed to get itself in a bit of a tangle on our roof and eventually needed rescuing by the fire brigade.

The young gull had got itself caught in the bird deterrent wire that stops our flying friends from perching or building nests on the edge of building.

Site Supervisor, Mr Challenger, told us how gulls are an important part of our diverse community; “Our local gull population, like all wild birds, are protected by the law from harm or abuse. We have various bird-friendly deterrents placed all around the edge of the building to stop nesting as baby birds falling out of nests can be a real hazard to school students and staff below, as can the little messages they are famously known for dropping.“

Mr Challenger immediately contacted the RSPCA and Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service so that the bird could be quickly and safely rescued. Although a little shaken, the young gull was checked over, showed no signs of harm and was soon released without harm; “This was just a freak accident, but fortunately the baby gull was unharmed and soon flew off”, he added.