Policies, Systems and Information

Below is a list of all Blackpool Aspire Academy school-specific policies.
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Anti-Bullying and FAQs


 Anti-Bullying - FAQ Students Information

 Anti-Bullying - FAQ Parents/Carers Information


Assessment, Reporting and Recording

 ARRA Policy



 Attendance and Attainment Facts

 Attendance Information

 Attendance Policy



 Behaviour for Learning Policy

 Brilliant and resilient - Aspire students


Charging and Remissions

 Charging and Remissions Policy


Consequence System

 Consequence System


Data Protection

 Data Protection Policy

 Privacy Notice for Parents/Carers

 Privacy Notice for Pupils



 E-Safety Policy


Information and Communication Technology

 IT Security Policy


Portable Digital Devices

 Portable Digital Devices Policy


Provider Access

 Provider Access Policy



 Safeguarding Policy

 Child Protection Policy

 Guidance for safer working practice for adults who work with children and young people

 Safeguarding advice for visitors

 Prevent Policy

 Prevent Statement


Special Educational Needs and Disability

 SEND Information Report

 SEND Policy


Sex and Relationships Education

 Sex and Relationships Education Policy



 Uniform Policy