Religious Studies year plan

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Religious Studies will turn your world upside down, turn childish thoughts into mature ideas, and turn darkness into light. The topics studied in Religious Studies at Blackpool Aspire Academy inevitably lead to fascinating, mystifying and sometimes outrageous aspects of the human experience. The topics studied are based on concepts surrounding popular culture, violence, the environment, social change and emotional life. In addition to the content of the units studied, there is a focus on critical thinking about religion, empathy and tolerance towards other cultures and customs, and religious knowledge. Let’s face it, religion is one of the most powerful social and cultural forces in human history.

Qualification Details



• Examination 100%

•Paper 1: students are required to study two religions in depth. Paper 2: students must study philosophical and ethical themes.

What Next?

At Blackpool Sixth Form College you can go onto study AS/A Level Courses - A Level Religion, Ethics and Philosophy.

Jobs directly related to Religious Studies include:

National and local government, including the Civil Service and government agencies, as well as non-governmental organisations. Schools, colleges and universities (for teaching and research positions); Charities, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations; Social services and other caring professions; The church and other religious organisations; Financial and legal firms; The National Health Service; Public Relations, advertising, sales and marketing companies; Media companies; Libraries, museums, television companies and publishing houses.